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Free Sloppy Joe!

April 10, 2014 No comments

A winding tale of an inexplicable compulsion and a cold-war era throw-back. Reality gets a bit stranger than fiction in a way that’s unsettling yet contagious. Consider yourself warned and read at your own risk.

Hey, Nifty Tree!

April 9, 2014 No comments

Moon: “Eekkk!”
Tree: “Haha.. made ya flinch… AGAIN!
Moon: ” #^%@* tree. You’re not surprising me ANYMORE!”
Tree: “That’s what you said yesterday ;-)”

Simplicity Reveled Serendipitously!

April 7, 2014 No comments

According to “SIMPLICITY THEORY,” an event is UNEXPECTED if it is simpler (=less complex) to describe than to generate.

Strange Tongues Among Us

April 4, 2014 No comments

This mundane body part is easily dismissed and definitely not much to look at. A tongue is ignored until it either gets “bit,” “twisted” or “got by the cat.”

Man In Space Who Steals Songs

July 2, 2013 No comments

It’s one thing to get to go to space. It’s a ripe red cherry on top when you come back a rock star. Chris Hadfield gets to thank physics for the “not-so-special,” special effects.